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E-GENS give the world their albums for free!
E-GENS, a Russian electronic music band from Novosibirsk, sang their songs in English from 1990, and focused on the audience of ageless techno-romantics raised on music of the 80s, decided to give a free download, copy, listen and play all their songs written and performed publicly in 24 years, from 1990 to 2014. The other day, all the E-GENS band members unanimously decided to give free access for unlimited time to all fans of electronic romance music. The decision is confined to the 5th anniversary of the public activities of the band.

E-GENS will Take part and will perform in the concert dedicated to the memory of Alexei Neuromancer. He was the founding member of the famous Russian band NEXUS VI. The concert will be held in Tomsk - the hometown of Alexei on 12 April, on the day of the remarkable Russian Holiday called The Cosmonautics Day. We believe that the date chosen for this concert fits the occasion very well. After all, electronic music and the cosmos are some of the verges considered to be of great importance by many people. The aspiration to discover the mysteries of the universe have always existed in the history of humankind. Let there be glory to all space discoverers! Let there be eternal memory for you Alex!

E-Gens: Renewed Light (VIP Edition)
Friends! Great news for all of us. Todd Durant - the founder of the famous synth-pop label A Different Drum told us that the entire batch of 300 unique CD Renewed Light was delivered to his home. Just today last night. 200 CDs from this limited edition will be distributed to ADD Label happy subscribers. The remaining 100 CDs will be immediately sent to Russia, straight to the address of E-GENS studio in Novosibirsk.

February 23 at SYNTHETIC URAL BIRTH FESTIVAL was presented second album E-GENS. All the action took place in the "Honey" Club (Ekaterinburg) sharing the stage with several artists of the Russian electronic scene and Babylonia (Italy). The concert ended with the debut performance of the latest songs from the upcoming album E-GENS band - "Renewed Light". For the first time the band performed their songs with two voices – Eugene Titkov and Maria Guseva. The new E-GENS' album scheduled for April this year.

Only on April, 6th, only in Moscow – legendary bands from three counties (VNV Nation - England, ICON of COIL - Norway, E-GENS - Russia) will show how a music of future must sound! Big stage, powerful sound…, video projections on huge screens, appealing rhythms and cosmic pulsations of synthesizers – mental journey to amazing world, once-celebrated by science fiction writers!
The program of show:
19.00 – Doors open
19:45 – E-gens
20:30 – Icon of Coil
22:00 – VNV Nation
00:00 – 06:00 - afterparty
P!PL Club
Moscow, 20 Derbenevskaya St.
Phone: +7 (495) 5187972

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Welcome to the world of e-gens. This is the place where you will find the latest official information about band activity, newest releases and other details as band members’ story, e-gens poetry, full discography and e-gens’ shop.
e-gens - Renewed Light - VIP Edition - 2013
e-gens - Renewed Light - VIP Edition - 2013 Eugene Titkov - composer, songwriter, front voice
Eugene Komarov - composer, songwriter, programming
Maria Guseva - voice, back voice
Pavel Protopopov - back voice

Label: A Different Drum – ADDCD1293 VIP Series
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 2013, november
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electronic-pop
Notes: Limited Edition VIP Series 300 units worldwide. Licensed to A Different Drum for the Limited Edition VIP Series.
Tracks from Renewed Light album, 2013
All songs available in mp3, 320 kbps.

You can download Renewed Light lyrics:
e-gens - Renewed Light 2013 Lyrics (English-Russian).pdf
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